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20 Things To Do With Matzah

A post-Passover musical greeting!
Performed by Michelle Citrin and William Levin
Music, Lyrics and Production by William Levin and Michelle Citrin

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That man you see there, he is a 92 year old veteran from Norway, who was tortured by the nazis during world war II. 
The upper picture is the picture of the “BOY London” logo, that’s so popular now days.
Then, on the picture under, is a known symbol that were used under by the nazis in World War II. 
Now you can all think of what you’re really wearing.

finally someone made a post about it, everyone’s running around with the Third Reich Eagle on their chests

think about it



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DID YOU KNOW? The diet of animals at the biblical zoo of Jerusalem is altered over Pesach in accordance with kashrut.

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1,100 Pounds of Matzo in Kathmandu: Welcome to the World's Largest Seder

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Some of my favorite animation sequences ever. Prince of Egypt is on Netflix - if you haven’t seen it, GO WATCH IT!

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My kids had a mock Seder (Passover meal) at school today for all the families. It was super cute.

But when I wasn’t paying attention for a moment - Ava gave lia a celery stick. (Thank god it could’ve been worse!) lia gnawed at that veggie and loved it. (Gotta be extra watchful with Ava. She knows her baby can only have mamas milk!!)

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could you ask your followers to like this if they are going to nfty-nel spring kallah this weekend? its my first event and im nervoussssss
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Could you tell me generally how a service in a Reform synagogue would go? Like events from start to end of the service.
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  • All Shabbat Service leaders and communities do things differently, but here is a basic rundown and order of what may or may not happen at a typical service!

  • Shabbat Songs (Ma Yafeh Hayom, Shabbat Shalom, Hinei Ma Tov etc)
  • Kabbalat Shabbat (a series of prayers from the “Writings” section of the Hebrew Bible to welcome in Shabbat and the mystical “Sabbath Bride”)
  • A prayer which exults G-d and honors G-d’s power of creation (Chadsi Kaddish)
  • The “Barchu” the call to worship (The congregation rises and faces the Ark and the leader calls to worship and the congregation bows toward the Ark)
  • A prayer for thanking G-d for bringing day and night (“Maariv Aravim”)
  • A prayer dedicated to how much G-d loves us and how much we love G-d (Ahavat Olam)
  • The most important prayer in Judaism— the prayer that says that G-d is one and that the divine will reign forever and ever (the Shma)
  • A prayer that describes G-d’s love (v’ehavta)
  • A prayer dedicated to thanking G-d for being there for us (emet)
  • A prayer thanking G-d for freeing us from Egypt (Mi Chamocha)
  • A prayer thanking G-d for granting the Children of Israel and the
  • State of Israel Peace (Hashkivenu)
  • A joyous Shabbat Song
  • The Tefilla (the crux of the service where we thank G-d the G-d of our ancestors [Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, Leah and Rachel] for also being there for us. A lot of bowing happens during this!)
  • Prayer for Peace
  • Silent Meditation
  • Some Reform Communities choose to read from the Torah at this point (Kriyat haTorah)
  • Prayer for all of those who need healing of body and/or spirit (Mi Shaberach)
  • The Rabbi, Cantor or leader may give a sermon at this point
  • In some synagogues, more beautiful Shabbat songs may be sung at this point.
  • Ending Prayer praising G-d (Aleinu— some bowing happens during this!)
  • Prayer for those who have passed away in the last month or who’s anniversary of their death is upon us (Mourner’s Kaddish)
  • Ending Shabbat Song
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Passover Parody Song: To the tune of “My Favorite Things” from Sound of Music

Cleaning and cooking and so many dishes
Out with the hametz, no pasta, no knishes
Fish that's gefillted, horseradish that stings
These are a few of our passover things.

Matzoh and karpas and chopped up haroset
Shankbones and kiddish and yiddish neuroses
Tante who kvetches and uncle who sings
These are a few of our Passover things.

Motzi and maror and trouble with Pharoahs
Famines and locusts and slaves with wheelbarrows
Matzah balls floating and eggshell that cling
These are a few of our Passover things.

When the plagues strike
When the lice bite
When we're feeling sad
We simply remember our Passover things
And then we don't feel so bad.


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My Jewish grandmother is better than your Jewish grandmother.

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Passover Parody Song: Sung to the Tune of “Can You Hear the People Sing” from Les Miserables

Do you hear the doorbell ring,
And it's a little after ten?
It can only be Elijah
Come to take a sip again.
He is feeling pretty fine
But in his head a screw is loose.
So perhaps instead of wine
We should only give him juice.


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It’s getting to be that time of year again where I watch Prince of Egypt and complain about eating Matzah 

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Passover Parody Song: Sung to the Tune of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”

Take us out of Egpyt
Free us from slavery
Bake us some matzah in a haste
Don't worry 'bout flavor--
Give no thought to taste.
Oh it's rush, rush, rush, to the Red Sea
If we don't cross it's a shame
For it's ten plagues,
Down and you're out
At the Pessah history game.


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Shalom aleikhem! I was curious as to whether or not I should consider my friend Jewish? She wasn't raised Jewish, she's not ethnically,culturally, or religiously Jewish. Her mother isn't Jewish. My friend has mentioned that she is considering conversion classes, but still wishes to go to Church. I was always told by my Rabbi that to be a Jew, you must be one of those things. Do I acknowledge her as a Jew, or Gentile? Should I be offended she talks "on behalf of Jews," or not? Thanks!
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So essentially are you saying that she is considering conversion but has not been raised Jewish and still wishes to attend Church?

Who is a Jew is a funny question that MANY people have MANY different opinions on. For instance, Conservative and Orthodox Jewry consider someone a Jew if their mother is Jewish. Reform Jewry consider someone a Jew if their mother and/or father is AND if they are practicing. But technically if you are born a Jew in the Reform movement and you don’t practice, you’re still a Jew!

There are some people out there that believe that they are Jewish but believe that Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah! And that group I would personally say are not Jewish because they do not believe the sh’ma (Listen Yisrael, Ad-ndai is our G-d and the divine is One)

So essentially, there are many people that both consider themselves Jews and that don’t that may or may not be depending on where you come from!

Personally, I would say that if your friend is actively taking part in another religion other than Judaism than she is not a Jew. I know several Jews that go to Church and several gentiles that go to Synagogue to support friends and family! There is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Maybe this is your friends situation?

If you are personally feeling offended by anything your friend is saying, than it is okay! If someone actively is saying they are a member of one group but really isn’t— than why should you not feel offended?

Thank you for your question!

-Progressive Judaism

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The matza cooking